Connection: Our Deepest Longing

One of our fundamental needs as human beings is to be seen, to be known, for who we truly are, ugly warts and all, and yet still be accepted, to be welcomed into relationship with others, free from judgment and criticism.

Unfortunately, far too often we do not experience that acceptance in our relationships with others, nor do we participate in others having that experience in their relationship with us.

It is usually not for lack of trying, but rather making efforts in a direction that is not helpful.

The goal of Revival Counseling & Coaching is to provide a space of listening and conversation to help you discover the skills that will open up the possibility of having this fundamental need be met through your relationships, and learning how to be a part of that for others as well.

Some of these skills include forgiving others, owning your actions and your feelings (not the actions and feelings of others), the art of listening with empathy, the art of asking, fostering emotionally safe space, setting healthy boundaries, and more. 

We hope to be a help and support in you journey of developing healthy relationships.

Revival Counseling & Coaching welcomes both couples and individuals.

Couples Counseling & Pre-Marital Counseling

Our most intimate relationships provide the greatest opportunity for meaningful connection and deep care and love. And they also open our heart up to the possibility of deep hurt like nowhere else. Perhaps more than in any other relationship in our lives, it is here where skills for developing healthy relationships will pay off the most.

When we face challenges in relationships, of whatever kind or size, having a neutral third party can do wonders to help create a space where you can hear one another and work together toward positive interactions. We would love to help create that kind of space for you to find healing and restoration. 

Relationship Coaching

We often think about reaching out for help only when things get really difficult. But being proactive and developing skills for building healthy relationships before there are major challenges is incredibly helpful. Come see us to hone those skills you already have and learn some new ones! 


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