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April Workshops

Communicating Without Judgment

Discover how to find more freedom, joy and satisfaction in all your relationships including family, work, school, friends, kids, romantic, and neighbors.

Through role-playing, specific real-life examples, and a collaborative learning approach we will explore a variety of skills including speaking and listening without judging, forgiving and asking for forgiveness, holding space for difficult emotions, resolving disagreements, responding to difficult/hurtful messages from others, building life-giving habits of communication and much much more.

There will be two workshops, one on April 6th and one on April 13th. You are welcome to attend both, or just one of them. The second workshop will build somewhat on the first, covering some different topics, but will also review some of the core principles from the first, so you won't be lost if you only attend the second one.


Discover freedom in all your relationships!

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Relationships: The Foundation of Life

One of the core realities of being human is that we are relational creatures. Our relationships with other people, and with ourselves, provide us with our greatest opportunities for joy.

Unfortunately our relationships don't always bring joy. Healthy, joyful relationships can seem hard to come by at times. There are a host of ways things can go sideways in our relationships, as we have all experienced. But, while you cannot control everything, far from it, there are skills you can learn that will help you own your part in developing and/or restoring healthy relationships.

Revival Counseling & Coaching seeks to provide a space of listening and conversation to learn and practice these skills, helping you navigate your relationships, and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

Some of these skills include forgiving and asking for forgiveness, owning your actions and your feelings (not the actions and feelings of others), the art of listening, the art of asking, fostering emotionally safe space, using boundaries and not feeling selfish, cultivating your treasures, and more. 

It should be mentioned that healthy relationships will not be free from pain and loss. But those negative experiences need not destroy the relationship, or the lives of those in the relationship. Pain and loss can actually bring about unexpected blessings as we walk through them together.

Avoiding pain and loss by not opening our hearts up to others hinders us from discovering the deep joy relationships have to offer.

We hope to be a help and support in you journey of developing healthy relationships.

Revival Counseling & Coaching welcomes both couples and individuals.

Couples Counseling & Pre-Marital Counseling

Our most intimate relationships provide the greatest opportunity for meaningful connection and deep care and love. And they also open our heart up to the possibility of deep hurt like nowhere else. Perhaps more than in any other relationship in our lives, it is here where skills for developing healthy relationships will pay off the most.

When we face challenges in relationships, of whatever kind or size, having a neutral third party can do wonders to help create a space where you can hear one another and work together toward positive interactions. We would love to help create that kind of space for you to find healing and restoration. 

Relationship Coaching

We often think about reaching out for help only when things get really difficult. But being proactive and developing skills for building healthy relationships before there are major challenges is incredibly helpful. Come see us to hone those skills you already have and learn some new ones! 

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